5 advantages of having an online booking engine on your hotel’s website

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5 advantages of having an online booking engine on your hotel’s website

Karim Filali

CEO at Wikhotel 360
CEO of Wikhotel Technologies, Karim brings you the latest trends and his analysis of the latest news of the hospitality industry.
Karim Filali

A hotel’s official website plays different roles. As the showcase of a hotel, it also has to play a commercial role in attracting a maximum of direct bookings, and helping hotel managers avoid paying commission to their distributors. For this reason, the hotel must have a booking engine capable of fulfilling client’s reservations on its official website. WIKHOTEL360 offers a powerful and unique engine in the hotel industry that is capable of reaching a large audience, and that offers a simple and secure booking process to all users.

A permanent online reception

The booking engine plays the role of a reception that is open and available at all times and anywhere in the world. Being on the web, the booking engine is open 24/7 every day of the year, and will not miss any opportunity to generate direct bookings.

permanent online reception

Forget about commissions paid to distributors

A true leader in hotel distribution, OTAs impose increasingly high commissions on hotel managers, who see their margins shrinking from year to year. By having a booking engine, they will be able to generate direct bookings and will undoubtedly decrease the commissions paid to OTAs.

Become a distributor of your product

By setting up a booking engine on their website, hotel managers become a distributor of their stock, and avoid the systematic use of intermediaries. Thus, the sale prices of room stocks are more controlled by the hotel managers themselves, who can impose their conditions on the OTAs.

Multilingual and multi-currency, a pledge to reach a maximum audience

The globalization of exchanges and the internationalization of hotels’ customers makes it so that hotel managers must offer a portal that meets the customers’ expectations. IQ Booking Engine, the latest generation booking engine developed by WIKHOTEL360, is available in 36 languages ​​and 51 currencies. It reaches a very large audience who can book directly on the hotel’s official website with maximum comfort.


Less work for more gain

Work less to gain more? That’s what a booking engine on a hotel’s website offers. No more endless phone calls, the booking engine simplifies the process, and instantly generates money for hotel managers by finalizing bookings in real time, thus avoiding any risk of the customers quitting between the time of making the booking and their arrival at the hotel.

WIKHOTEL360 offers a powerful booking engine able to make direct bookings for hotels. Intuitive, secure and simple to use, IQ BOOKING ENGINE is a new-generation booking engine designed for all properties who wish to significantly boost their direct sales. Thanks to its automated management through data extraction algorithms from the IQ Suite products, IQ BOOKING ENGINE is the tool that takes hotel marketing directly to the level of OTAs. For more information, visit the official website https://www.wikhotel360.com/v2/web/en/iq360.